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Bureau Europa. Platform for Architecture and Design in Maastricht

EXHIBITED at Bureau Europa in 2020 as Academia #6. Project: The Postcard (Weronika Kocewiak)

All postcards are collected and presented in a digital photo album
on the Bureau Europa Official Website and Instagram:

    With this project, I wanted to connect the old with the new. Using the technique of collage, that finds the middle ground between the oil painting and the digital print, between the physical dialogue and the new age media.
  In three days I placed 1100 postcards throughout the city of Maastricht in over 10 locations, so people could get them for free and write down their musings on the card and post it.
The postcards are about to invite people to answer a simple question:

What does the building mean to you?



Name: Reimagining the White Cube Sponsored by: iArts ZUYD //
Bureau Europa Platform for architecture and design in Maastricht //
Studio Hyperspace //

Team: Sue Gsell Sparen, Caoimbhe Molly Crowe, Mara Vidina, Weronika Kocewiak, Elena Miteva

Aim of the project:

Within this project we have explored the influence of hierarchy, sociological changes and the role of settled beliefs within the operation of Bureau Europa – a platform for architecture and design located in Maastricht. Using the methods of Design Thinking and SWOT analysis. 

The final presentation of the project: April 2020

Antropocen 2.0 - Warszawa 2021

From January 2021, every Wednesday, on my way to work, I cross the Warszawski Most Gdański Bridge, Warsaw, Polnad. 
The speed of cars, pedestrians in a hurry, unexpected cyclists are a natural part of my journey.
I don't listen to music, I listen to the sounds around me. 

During these walks, I came with a reflection, that human nowadays wants to manipulate nature by forcing while moving away
from himself. In 2021, in Poland, for the first time in years, we experience Winter, the indispensable consequence of which is the chemical
process of crystallization - water freezing and its subsequent return to a liquid state. Moved, I decided to save this image as a video.
Thus, giving the recipient the opportunity to see the complex process of thaw.

The process of standing in freezing temperature, without gloves, apnea, in the middle of the bridge, is an attempt to surrender,
it is my small, personal attempt to pay tribute to nature.

In addition to the fact that human alienation is considered to be evil that destroys nature, he is also part of it,
many people work for the good and improvement of the quality of the planet. Willing to give it a meaning beyond material.
I feel that we need patience for these activities to become global.

I invite you to watch the beauty of nature for 3 minutes, which we are part of.

The video got nominated for the online exposition on YouTube by Academy of Documentary Film
in cooperation with the DOCS Against Gravity Festival.



The works included in the ONE-DAY PROJECT series were started and finalized within one day.
They often relate to political and social-economical situation. 

The titles always relate to the date of crreation, not always the day of display. 

All Saints Day Warsaw, 2020

National Independence Day
Warsaw, Poland

International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women 2020